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Health Safety Environment and Quality

Our objectives

Identify and evaluate professional risks in order to set up a prevention policy adapted to your company’s needs

Improve the control of hazardous materials

Enhance safety procedures for equipment and work activities

Keeping in mind different aspects of environmental protection

Hygiene et Health

  • Calculate the site dimensions and living areas (base camp)
  • Manage the relationships with suppliers linked to your business (personal protective equipment, area cleanliness …)
  • Provide first aid assistance and manage safety prevention campaigns
  • Ensure the best employment conditions and anticipate potentially dangerous working conditions
  • Improve the ergonomics of work stations
  • Team training for first aid at the workplace


  • Apply for certification OHSAS 18001
  • Evaluate and respond to the calls for proposals with the client
  • Advise our clients
  • Devise and implement prevention plans
  • Manage clearances levels for staff security
  • Develop and conduct staff training for health and safety at work
  • Set up internal safety audits
  • Monitor non-compliance issues and set up action plans
  • Analyze work accidents and utilize the statistics to find solutions
  • Uphold current internal policy (work permit, fire permit, excavation permit) and regulations (lifting plan)


  • Apply for certification ISO 9001 : Quality Management System
  • Ensure and promote the implementation of continuous improvement and Lean approach
  • Define and implement your objectives for quality and policies on-site
  • Maintain a regulatory and technologic survey
  • Initiate internal and external communication for new quality standards
  • Write specific standards and procedures
  • Analyze the results and follow-up with continuous improvement actions


  • Achieve certification ISO 14001 : Environmental Management System
  • Conduct environmental risk audit
  • Analyze treatment and the value of waste
  • Manage storage for chemical products
  • Comply with REACH regulations
  • Optimize resources and energy consumption
  • Prevent accidental pollution

Our profiles


Engineering Consultant (short- to long-term contracts)
HSEQ Supervisor
HSEQ Animator

Our fields of activity


Oil and gas
Petrochemistry and Chemistry
Metal industry and Construction