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Safety and Health Protection

French regulatory framework

General Coordination Plan for safety and health protection in building operations and civil engineering (law of December 31, 1993) in conception and erealization phases

Our objectives

Establish a personal and positive relationship with the client

Detail a General Coordination Plan, well-suited for specific processes
Create a plan of Subsequent Works on Installations

Provide recommendations to the client for specific contractors

Anticipate potentially hazardous situations during construction work


  1. Conduct a site visit
  2. Provide a preliminary written report with the analysis of risks related to the natural environment of the site.
  3. Engineering consulting for the client
  4. Anticipate the construction operating method and implement safety measures for the entire process
  5. Detail the General Coordination Plan for safety and health protection


  1. Participate in organized inspection visits with the different companies working together.
  2. Harmonization of the Individual Safety and Health Protection Plan
  3. Analyze and validate the operational methods before construction begins
  4. Scheduled and unscheduled visits to the site and attendance at the construction meetings


  1. Create a Plan of Subsequent Works on Installations

Our profiles


Health and safety officer
3 levels: 1 (low), 2 (medium) and 3 (high)

Our fields of activity


Oil and Gas
Petrochemistry and chemistry